We offer several services to businesses:

Customised Chocolates

Cocoa Belle can make chocolates to suit your event either unique chocolate shapes, unique truffles or chocolates with your own logo on. The logo can be piped on or printed on with cocoa butter. The chocolates are all made with high quality ingredients and we try as much as possible to use local suppliers for all of our requirements. 

Chocolate Platters

For a special treat for the team, we can deliver a platter of goodies to your office. The platter can include chocolates, rocky road, cupcakes, cakes and chocolate tarts. 

Chocolate Making

Our chocolate team building workshops are tailored to suit each business’s individual needs.  We  offer the following:  Participants work together in small groups. The aim of the workshop is to enhance organisational and interactive skills.  Teams work with chocolate to produce their own range of chocolate, guided by our Chocolatier. A chocolate play session where participants can have a fun play session with chocolate and make a few chocolates guided by our Chocolatier or a Chocolate tasting party: which includes “normal” chocolates as well as a few savoury surprises.

As each workshop is customised specific details will be discussed individually. For further information on any of these services please contact us via our contact page or email us on [email protected]